First Use

Know How to First Use

After you’ve Booked A Room you’ll receive an ‘Access Details’ email with a link to your Room Manager page. This can also be accessed via the My Rooms menu in your Technica Del Arte account. In 6 simple steps your Room will be ready to go. Then we’ll take you through the basics of using a quality remote studio Room.



Editing the look of your Room is simple to do and gives it an identity to make your guest feel like they’re in a familiar space.

  • Change your Room Name:
  • You can change this as many times as you like. Note: the connection link will also change, so always change your Room’s name before sharing it with your guests.
  • Upload a new logo:
  • Upload the logo to your Room. This will appear in the app and Room Key. Make sure to use a .png or .jpg format. In the example window you will see how your logo will appear in the app. You can always delete the logo, in which case the default LUCI Rooms logo will appear.

Now you’ve branded your Room, let´s choose when to open it.


To open your room immediately, click on ‘Open now!’ and select the audio stream type you want. You can choose between a mono or stereo streaming Room. This will open your Room for 1 day (24 hours) only.

After choosing “Open now!” you will be asked to confirm your selection:


If you would like the Room to stay open for multiple days or schedule a time to open it in the future, you need to use Scheduling Opening Times.

This displays the history and current status of your Room. The scheduler allows you to open multiple days and gives you the ability to prepare a Room opening in the future. By doing this, your Room can be opened on the scheduled days without having to access the Rooms Manager.

Once you’ve chosen when to open the Room the next step is to download and install the app.



  • Mono Room for voice
  • This allows an audio stream with 1 channel from each user-to-user and individual user audio will be recorded as a separate track locally. This stream type is ideal for voice conversations.
  • Stereo Room for music
  • Here, the audio stream will be 2 channels from each user-to-user. This stream type is ideal for music productions or advanced reporter/studio setups.


Make sure you have the latest version of LUCI Rooms. The latest version for your device will be highlighted on the download page.

Follow the download and installation instructions on your device and, when asked, allow the microphone to be used for the app.

Next, enter your own Room. Exciting!


If the Room is open, you can enter by clicking

A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation to open the LUCI Rooms app. Click “Open LuciRooms”. The LUCI Rooms app will launch and you can enter your Room.

Okay, you are now connected to your Room as HOST, which gives you some extra features on Windows and Mac. Note that your Room does not need a HOST to work.

In the menu, ‘Host’ you will find the option to go directly to:
Invite Guest, Mixing console, Manager Page and Answering Machine.
But first, let’s set up your audio device settings.


Before going “On-Air” it is important to set your audio device first. Make sure your audio setup is connected to your device and go to the menu ‘Tools’ and ‘Select audio I/O…’

Menu Mac/Windows
Menu iOS/Android

Select your input and output audio device; on Windows and Mac these can be a different devices.

Audio i/o Mac/Windows
Audio i/o iOS/Android

You’re all set. Let’s check the audio.


Go back to your Room and click “On-Air” to check your outgoing microphone level by talking into your mic and looking at the OUT level meter. It’s best to have this level at around -10.

For Room Layout details visit the user interface.


Yes! Now you are on-air! In your own Room! All by yourself, alone… So, let’s invite your guests here.