How It Works

How it works

High quality audio, anytime, anyone, anywhere!

As a reporter, podcaster or content creator this app enables you to make a high-quality audio connection and recording with guests you invite from all over the world. With our LUCI technology we created a cloud-based studio with different Rooms.

When renting a Room you are able to stream audio to and from any other person who you invited into your Room. Everyone will use the LUCI Rooms app and therefore no tech skills are required, the better microphone and headphone setup you have, the better your sound will be.


Room lay-out

LUCI Rooms live audio over IP broadcasting App Lay-out.


Streaming comparison!

See the audio quality in different streaming services:

Reference Audio Audio-over-IP Audio-over-IP Analog Signal
signal 20Hz-20kHz LUCI Rooms Audio Conferencing Telephone Line

LUCI Rooms audio human hearing spectrum, telephone, audio over IP, skype, facetime, broadcasting.