Be on air

Know How to be ON AIR

High speed Internet is great, but stability is king in live low-delay audio-over-IP connections. Internet connections go via WiFi, Cable or Mobile. Below you will find the order of connections we advise to use:

  1. Cable
    Using an Ethernet cable that is directly connected to your router is the most stable connection.
  2. Mobile
    Use mobile connections only with 4G or higher and with a minimum of 75% signal strength. The higher the connection strength the better.
  3. WiFi
    Make sure you are close to your WiFi router and try to have 100% signal strength. WiFi connections seem stable but are often unreliable for live streaming.

LUCI Rooms uses the stream cloning protocol. If your device has multiple internet connections using WiFi, Cable and/or a Mobile network, LUCI Rooms can use all connections simultaneously to ensure the best connection to the Room. These connections will be used automatically if they have an active internet connection.


The better setup you have, the better your audio quality will be. Internal microphones will work, but external microphones are recommended for recording quality audio. As there is no noise-reduction or auto-muting* in LUCI Rooms, to eliminate echo the use of headphones is highly recommended.

*Noise-reduction and auto-muting decreases audio quality dramatically.


Below you will find a few common audio setups:

  • A mobile device with external headset
    Use your standard EarPods and mic. Bluetooth microphones are not supported due to their extra latency.
  • A mobile device with external audio device, mic and headphones
    Use a professional microphone, headphones and external audio device for a mobile reporter/podcast setup.
  • A desktop setup with external audio device, mic and headphones
    Use a professional microphone, headphones and external audio device for a reporter/podcast setup.
  • A producer desktop setup with audio mixer
    Using a professional broadcast audio mixer connected to a PC using LUCI Rooms.
  • Avoid old mini-jack headsets
    One of the top reasons that ‘echo’ happens is if you or your guest is using a ‘TRRS’, also called a 4 pole jack plug, as the connector. You have probably seen these on older Apple ‘Earbuds’ or similar headsets.

    With these headsets the guest will not hear the issue, but the other users will hear the ‘echo’.
    The guest with the older headset will be able to hear just fine, but the microphone will also feed their audio back to the users at the other end and this will result in the ‘echo’ problem.


This seems obvious but is often not the case. LUCI Rooms does not use noise-reduction or auto-muting; this means everything your microphone picks-up is heard on the audio stream. So try to stream from a quiet a place, or maybe not…!

Maybe you’re streaming live from the busy streets of New-York city or in your peaceful garden with birds whistling. Use the background noise or acoustics to give that extra feeling to your audio.

The Stereo Room gives you the ability to use binaural headsets, which creates three-dimensional stereo sound for the listener, making them feel like they’re actually in the room with the guests.


Live audio-over-IP low-delay streaming is something not to be taken lightly. We make it look easy, but the technique is quite sophisticated. Helping your device to be at the top of its game and eliminating external forces that can interrupt your connection is always welcome.

A small checklist below.

  1. Close all other applications
  2. Plug-in the power for the device
  3. Set your device to Do Not Disturb mode


Important! When changing your audio or internet connection, make sure you go OFF-Air, change the setup and go back ON-Air.

Now you know how to be On-Air without any issue’s, you need to Know How to Record.